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SiliconPV History

SiliconPV 2012, the 2nd  International Conference on Silicon Photovoltaics, will focus on the science and technology of advanced crystalline silicon solar cells and modules and the properties and influence of the crystalline Si substrate. An international committee with global outreach and comprised of well-known scientists from companies and institutes will select the best abstracts to form a high-level scientific program.

In 2011, the 1st International Conference on Silicon Photovoltaics was a huge success with more than 550 participants from all over the world. The 1st SiliconPV took place from 17 - 20 April 2011 in Freiburg, Germany. The conference was hosted by the Fraunhofer Institut of Solar Energy Systems ISE.

Scientific Topics in 2011:

  • Material aspects
    (defects, carrier lifetime, doping type, mobility, …)
  • Advanced characterization and simulation
    (PL, EL, accurate measurement of back contact cells, carrier lifetime, simulation tools, quality assurance, inline measurements, …)
  • Surface morphology and passivation
    (texture, dielectric passivation layers, diffused layers, optical performance, …)
  • Junction formation
    (diffusion, amorphous hetero-junction, polysilicon, alloying, …)
  • Structuring and contact formation
    (laser, inkjet, fine-line printing, plating, paste and ink development, …)
  • Process integration
    (process sequences, production technology, process control, cost analysis, cell architecture, ...)
  • Module integration
    (back-contact-cell modules, adhesive conductors, soldering, system aspects, reliability testing, …)

Take a look at the final program 2011 (2700 KB).

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